A breast pump is a compact, portable device that pumps the milk out of the mother’s breast. Based on the convenience and everyone’s requirements, these pumps have different types and designs. Bella baby will be an ideal solution if you are looking for a reliable and affordable brand to buy your first breast pump. This brand is a master of high-quality wearable pumps, electric pumps, and other baby accessories.

Wearable breast pump is quite popular nowadays as it provides hands-free operation. Regardless of the pump type you choose, it seems pretty easy to operate these pumps, and so it is. However, there are certain things that you avoid when using these pumps. All these things are to keep the mother and baby safe. So, get ready to read the article below!

1. Avoid Using Breast Pumps Every Time your Baby is Hungry

Though the breast is a safe and easy option, you still avoid using these pumps too often. There are different reasons behind this;

  • Nothing is comparable with the natural process, even if the devices do the same thing.
  • Breast pumps are susceptible to contamination even if you clean them properly. So, it’s better to use them as less as possible.
  • Breast pumps take a lot of time to clean every time you use them. So, you might end up cleaning of pump the whole day.

2. Avoid Cleaning Breast Pumps with Antibacterial Soap

Usually, soap and water are used for the cleaning pumps. However, it would help if you were extra careful when choosing the cleaning soap. It is highly recommended not to use antibacterial or alcohol-based soaps for breast pump cleaning as they contain chemicals that might be unsafe for babies.

3. Avoid Using Water from the Tap to Clean Breast Pumps

Tap water is unsafe for pump cleaning because that is not entirely bacterial-free. So, ensure using the hot water to clean the pump rather than tap or filtered water.

However, please avoid boiling water as it might damage the pump’s sensitive parts. It would help if you also were extra cautious while cleaning the electric and battery-powered pumps as their system can damage by water.

Almost all breast pumps have a usage and cleaning guide to help you understand the process.

4. Avoid Storing More than Eight Ounces of Milk

8 ounces is the average milk consumption of babies. So, avoid storing more than needed when using the pumps for milk extraction. Otherwise, milk spoilage is possible and you might end up feeding the baby without knowing.

5. Avoid Using Cheap Breast Pumps and Accessories

Cheap breast pumps and accessories are always made from low-quality material harmful to the kids, even when you clean them properly. Such material can also cause a reaction with warm water. So, when choosing the pump, only go for reliable options like Bella baby because health is more important than money.

Bottom Lines

Breast pumps can help your baby get much-needed nutrition, but they should be used wisely. Otherwise, you might damage your kid’s health without even realizing it. So, here we have described all the common mistakes people usually repeat when using breast pumps. Hopefully, the list will help you save your and your kid’s health.


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