Custom glasses cases can be a great way to protect your eyewear. Not only are they strong and sturdy, but you can also customize them to match your personality or style.

This tutorial will show you how to make a custom glasses case using some basic materials and tools.

What you will need:

1. Fabric:

You’ll need enough fabric for your custom case. The most important part is to pick a fabric that will be durable, as the custom glasses case needs to last for years.

2. Thread:

Choose an appropriate thread color that matches your fabric choice. A high-quality thread should be used since it’s important to have a strong stitch when customizing.

3. Scissors:

A sharp pair of scissors is essential for cutting the fabric properly and accurately.

4. Ruler:

You’ll need a ruler for measuring the correct length and width of your custom glasses case.

5. Sewing machine or needle/thread:

Depending on what type of custom glasses case you’re making, you can use either a sewing machine to sew your fabric together or needle and thread for hand stitching.

How to make the custom glasses case

1. Measuring:

The first step is to measure the custom glasses case. Depending on the size of your custom glasses, it should generally be around 6 inches wide and 3 inches long. It is important to get the measurements correct, as this will be the basis for your custom glasses case.

2. Cutting:

Now that you’ve got your measurements, it’s time to cut the fabric accordingly. First, lay out the fabric and use a ruler to make sure it’s even and symmetrical when cutting.

3. Sewing:

Once the fabric is cut, sew it together using either machine or hand stitching. This step should be done carefully to ensure that the custom glasses case will last for years to come.

4. Final Touches:

The next step is to add any distinctive touches to the personalized glasses case, such as buttons or appliqués. Your personalized glasses case is now complete and ready to use!

By following this instruction, you may make a personalized glasses case that fits your taste and demands. Customizing the perfect glasses case is now a breeze, whether you go with vibrant colors or personalized appliqués. You can be confident that your glasses will be safe and secure wherever you go with bespoke glasses cases.

Tips and tricks

Customizing glasses cases can be a lot of fun, but there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while customizing. Here are some helpful hints to make customizing your custom glasses case easier:

– Be sure to accurately measure the custom glasses case to fit perfectly with your eyewear.

– Pick a stylish and sturdy fabric, as custom glasses cases will need to last for years.

– When sewing your custom glasses case, use high-quality thread so that the stitch is strong and secure.

– If adding custom touches like appliqués or buttons, be sure to sew them on securely for extra protection.

By keeping these tips and tricks in mind, customizing custom glasses cases will be a breeze!


You can simply modify your eyewear to fit your taste while keeping it safe and secure wherever you go with custom glasses cases. So, what are you holding out for? Start customizing!


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