Giraffe recently announced that it is offering client support 7 days a week. This is another reason for the reputation of the company to continue skyrocketing. The company currently boasts of providing a wide range of product designs like garden hose reels and pressure hose reels. In this post, we discuss hose reel specifications and how important usage tips.

Things you should know about using a hose reel

Below is a simple breakdown of some critical things you ought to know about using a hose reel;

  • Ensure that the hose is correctly wound on the hose reel when you are not using it. This will ensure that accidents and injuries are prevented. Additionally, it will help keep the hose from getting damaged.
  • Before storing the hose back on the hose reel, you must ensure that the hose does not have any water inside it. It should be drained completely. This ensures that it winds correctly and neatly on the hose reel. It also helps protect the hose from damages, especially in the cold season when the water could freeze within the hose.
  • Do not try to use a hose reel for a purpose other than the one it is designed for. For instance, you cannot use a garden hose reel as a pressure hose reel.
  • Ensure that you practice proper hose reel maintenance to ensure that its life is extended.

Hose reel specifications

When choosing a hose reel, it is wise to always look at the product’s specifications. Most people do not like this part of the shopping or selection process because it is tedious. However, it is the essential part of the process least you want to be left with a product that does not meet your requirements and expectations. Below are some specification elements you should consider;

  • Material– this element significantly affects the longevity and usability of the product
  • Construction– also known as the design, this element influences the performance of the product and its life span.
  • Retraction technique– you must check if the hose reel is automatic or manual. The retraction technique influences the convenience and ease the use of the product. In this case, automatic retractable hose reels are always better than their counterparts.
  • Capacity-this is also a crucial aspect in the specification area. The capacity refers to the length and width of the water hose to the hose reel capacity. It is often wise to choose a hose reel that can hold your garden hose’s length and width. Most professionals advise that you first determine the type and size of the water hose you need before choosing the hose reel. It would not be wise to do things the other way around because the hose reel does not cater to your watering needs. The water hose does. This means that the water hose is more critical, and the reel should be chosen to complement the hose reel.


The Giraffe pressure washer reel is one of the top-selling products in the hose reel market. It features an incredible wall-mounted design, automatic retractable system, a powerful motor, and high-grade materials.


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