Pressure washers are nowadays routinely used for washing purposes. They are helpful to clean surfaces that are difficult to wash otherwise. However, a proper choice of pressure washer requires awareness about the variety present in the market. A brief overview of the variety of pressure washers is provided by Different types of pressure washers available are;

2 in 1 pressure washers

The pressure washers in this category are;

Grandfalls pressure washer

This pressure washer has a range of 100ft and is the most suitable machine for domestic use. Its linear structure is designed to reduce the flow losses due to internal rotating. It is designed to maximize the gallons per minute (GPM). It comes with a cable length of just 6ft. The reduced cable length decreases the power wastage and improves its service life.

It is very easy to install and is quite smaller in size. A properly mounted grandfalls pressure washer does not require any reassembly before reuse.

It can thrust water at a formidable pressure of 2200 PSI (2.1 GPM). Its efficient retractable system avoids the frustration of kinking. However, one should be careful to release the hose pressure before attempting any retracting.

Black gun pressure washer

It incorporates various features of grandfalls pressure washer e.g., easy mounting and requiring no reassembly before every use. An addition is a 4-mode nozzle. These watering modes could be switched easily. Its unique ceramic design is optimized for a 400% increased life as compared to ordinary ones.

It is powerful 1400W/10AMP motor produces a formidable pressure of 1.28 GPM (1400 PSI). This pressure removes stubborn dust and dirt attached to the car or truck. The stop system is automatic and it shifts the machine to standby mode. The unit can swivel 180 degrees, further increasing the ease of washing.

Electric pressure washers

Some types of electric pressure washers are discussed below.

Fixed electric pressure washer

It is efficient to clean home surfaces and vehicles etc. It is also equipped with a 4-mode nozzle for efficient cleaning. It is equipped with a total stop system (TSS) which shuts the machine when the trigger is not pressed. It saves energy and improves its working life.

It is equipped with overheating protection devices which improve its durability. It’s powerful 1600-watt motor produces a pressure of 2.1 GPM (2200 PSI). A filter is present in the water inlet which ensures that water entering the machine is free from impurities. The built-in compartments can store various types of equipment.

Portable electric pressure washers

It is a portable, good looking and lightweight machine. This type of pressure washer has a 3-mode pressure nozzle. It is equipped with a filtration machine that filters the water and purifies it. It is equipped with a powerful motor which is imported from Germany. The powerful momentum produced by this motor allows it to wash a diverse range of surfaces and types of equipment e.g., construction sites, driveways, trucks, gardens, cars etc.

It is also equipped with a TSS for easy control of the spraying gun.


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