Nothing is easy anymore as there are countless options available for a wide range of things. Extension cord reels aren’t an exception, either. You can find different types of these items that meet a specific requirement. Using the wrong cord can lead to a dangerous situation and a short circuit is the least of these problems.

Extensions are the cables or electric wires that expand at a longer distance. Therefore, it has become equally challenging to find the right reel to accompany them here is a quick guide to help you find the best extension cord reel from the market:

1. Different Gauge Ratings

The primarily determinant to help you understand different types of extension cord reels is gauge rating. Gauges are the numbers like 8, 10, 12, to 18. There can be different gauges but a higher gauge means thinner wire and vice versa. A thin wire will have lower power support than a thick wire.

Therefore, a higher gauge number usually supports lower power requirements. If you need more power support, get lower gauges. Correlatively, you should also check for amps the extension cord will support. Most high gauge extension support around 5-7 amps.

2. Light-Duty Extension Cord Reels

If you go to a store or a mart, you can ask for a light-duty extension cord reel. These are for residential uses primarily for low-scale appliances. For instance, if you need power for a lamp, charger and other similar electronics. However, these are not suitable for anything heavy like a washing machine. It might work for a television set, depending on the amps it can provide.

However, the lower gauge (16, 18) can mostly reach a shorter distance. Correlatively, if you take a little more like 12-14, you can get up to 50 to 100 feet of extension conveniently.

3. Heavy-Duty Extension Cord Reels

Heavy-duty extension cords from 10 to 14 gauge are usually much more potent. These are almost like a lying hazard as you are laying down wires. A heavy-duty extension cord can reach up to 100 feet. However, to make things more convenient for you, it would be better to opt for the shorter cord.

There are extension cord reels available with automatic cut-offs, retraction and other features. These can help make things more convenient for you.

As mentioned earlier, heavy-duty cords are to support more power-demanding appliances and machines. If you have a requirement for heavy appliances, choose these cords.

For example, using them for a lawnmower, garden hose and other additions could be a great choice, as well.

Does Length Impact The Power?

Usually, when it comes down to a typical extension cord, they heat and have more resistance as they get longer. However, extension cord reels can eliminate this and make it limit. These are more efficient and help you acquire more power.

So go now and buy your extension cord. Now you have full-fledged essential knowledge of different types of cords and how you can use this information to select one.


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