An automatic retractable garden hose reel reduces all the troubles of watering your garden. It is pretty simple, convenient, and easy to work with. Also, an automatic retractable garden hose reel is very flexible and can assist in water saving. The automatic retractable system extends to the length you want it to and retracts just as effortlessly. Below are guidelines to how an automatic retractable garden hose reel works

What is an automatic retractable garden hose reel?

An automatic retractable garden hose reel is a spring-driven pivot that is cylindrical and can be made from plastic, metal, or fiberglass whose purpose is hose storage.

Guidelines to how an automatic retractable garden hose reel works

1. Connection

First, you need to connect the automatic retractable garden hose reel near a water source; it makes it more convenient to use. However, given that the primary purpose of a garden tool hose reel is for watering, having the hose reel far away from the water source can be a bit unwise. The distance between the water tap and reel should be about 2m.

2. Pulling out the hose

The automatic retractable hose reel is usually equipped with a detent design and a ratchet wheel, plus a safety lock at its side. Therefore, easy to retract and extend the hose. A repeated ratchet mechanism sound is heard while pulling out the hose. When you get to the hose length you require, and the ratchet mechanism sound is heard, the hose will stay at length. Once you have the required length, you are ready to go.

3. Turn on the water source

After unraveling the hose from the reel, you can turn on the water source to the desired flowing rate. From there on, you can walk to where you desire the water to be. Also, avoid the hose from snagging in the debris or grass.

4. Retracting the hose

Once done with watering, go back to the automatic retractable hose reel. Slowly turn and ensure that the hose automatically comes to you without snagging it anywhere. After all the hose is back in the hose reel, make sure to lock it up.

Important points to note

  1. Do not clean the hose reel with water. An automatic retractable garden hose reel is usually maintenance-free.
  2. Do not use the hose reel in transmitting any substance or chemicals.
  3. Make sure to lock the safety lock when you are not using the hose reel. 
  4. The internal part of a hose reel is not easily replaceable. Therefore you should avoid disassembling parts of the hose reel.
  5. When not in use, do not leave the hose lying around; lock it safely back to the reel housing.


An automatic retractable garden hose reel is pretty simple and easy to use. It usually has locking mechanisms that allow you to use whatever length you need. After you finish whatever chore you needed to do, the retractable hose reel automatically retracts when tugged on a bit. It can easily reach every comer of your garden, therefore helps you save time and energy. An automatic retractable garden hose reel is now a popular tool in most households. It is very safe and prevents hazardous accidents from happening through tripping.


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