Honestly, this should not even be up for debate. Don`t agree? Hopefully, by the end of this article, we will all be on the same page. Wigs are generally awesome. Synthetic wigs, natural wigs, are all lifesavers. But there is a reason human hair wigs are in higher demand. Let us see why the former always wins in the human hair wigs vs synthetic hair wigs debate.

Before arriving at the eventual answer, how about a little subject identification. We will find out the difference between these two wig types.

Human Hair Vs Synthetic Hair Wig- About Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs are wigs made from artificial materials. These fibers are put through a special refinement process. This process ends up giving the manufactured hair, similar sheen, and texture as natural hair.

It might feel the same, but it is different from a human hair wig. An unfortunate effect of synthetic hair is that the natural curls could be affected. A synthetic hair wig could at times lead to the breaking of natural curls. This is not always the case. But it is more frequent with synthetic hair wigs.

Additionally, synthetic hair wigs could lead to allergies. Scalp irritation is not an out-of-place occurrence with synthetic wigs. Some could argue that some human hair wigs also cause scalp irritation. True, but the probability of that happening is largely less than it is in the case of synthetic wigs.

Although it would be wrong not to mention that synthetic wigs are cheaper. They cost way less than human hair wigs.

Human Hair Vs Synthetic Hair Wig- About Human Hair Wigs

These wigs are made from actual human hair. They feel more natural than their synthetic counterpart. What difference does it make? If one is a fan of lengthy (shoulder length or longer) the difference is obvious. This is especially so for first-time wig users.

For a more relatable comparison, imagine always wearing wool. The skin becomes used to it and the person becomes used to its weight. Then all of a sudden, denim is in. One will eventually grow into it, but initially, it is just not comfortable.

Another advantage of human hair wigs is that they are easy to handle. The natural wigs do not have the stiffness of the synthetic ones. This means that they are relatively easy to style and restyle if needed. This is even easier if one has a trusted hairdresser who can assist.

Additionally, they have excellent longevity. If one cares for their human hair wigs properly, the wigs could last up to a year. If not worn regularly, they could last more than a year.

Unfortunately, these human hair wigs are kind of on the high side in the wig world. They range from about $100 to $500 (USD) or even more.


Why human hair wigs win the human hair vs synthetic hair wigs debate should be clear by now. Synthetic wigs might have their advantages. But in the long run, human hair wigs are the way to go.


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